Proof of concept teaser for the feature film “Boy’s Club,” made with Mitch Smith Media.

Winner of “Best Trailer” at the Women in Horror Film Festival.

The short film premiered during the opening night of the Austin Film Festival.


A wayworn witch tribe finds asylum on land they falsely believe to be forgotten. 

Laser Pigeon Pictures & Foot Trail Films present "The Refuge," a Halloween short film with timeless themes. 


After her ship crashes, an alien must decide whether life is worth continuing on Earth.

Directing Reel


Despite being told as a child he would never walk or speak, Vance accomplished what doctors thought was impossible. But now he has a new challenge: dating.

(Winner of six awards in educational or socially driven content. Accepted at or invited to over thirty film festivals around the world).

TEDx Talk about the story behind the short film “Bumblebees,” delivered by Jenna Kanell.


After falling from wealth into poverty, a desperate man accepts a horrific employment offer in order to save the only thing he has left.

Premiered at the "Out On Film" Festival.

Made in collaboration with teens at The Green Room camp, a program of Re:Imagine ATL.