LASER PIGEON PICTURES LLC strives for not only entertainment, but empowerment and education through film. We believe in collaboration with individuals and companies representing all classes, races, gender identities, and abilities.

Laser Pigeon's vanguard short film "Bumblebees" has been accepted by or invited to over thirty film festivals, winning seven "Best Film" awards, three honorable mentions, a "Best Director" nomination, and online distribution deals with IndieFlix, SproutFlix, and PeachFlix, and THEA. ‘Bees’ is also used in curricula around the world to facilitate dialogue on autism spectrum disorder, general disability visibility, and compassion. The following fundraising video for The Lionheart School raised over $190,000 towards programs for students on the autism spectrum.

“Max & The Monster” premiered the opening night of the 25th annual Austin Film Festival. It acts as a proof of concept for a pilot and series of the same name.

Laser Pigeon is spearheaded by Jenna Kanell.